Latest News: ”I believe the summit will provide…an ideal platform to discuss how multi-sectors can work together in partnership to solve the Humanitarian and Logistical problems in Africa….The Department wishes to appreciate your organisations gesture and look forward to an engaging summit that will enable us to build strong partnerships…” Mr Owiti Director for Communications in the Ministry of Information & Communication

About US

Working at grass roots level within the most impoverished societies, the Humanitarian Development Agency helps local people in their fight against poverty, as well as tackling the very conditions that keep these people poor. We are a non-religious and non-political organisation bringing together the private and public sectors with a view to greater private sector investment within the aid and development community. Our Summit model  was created to provide business summits that transcend the boundaries of the traditional conference model, focusing on personal interaction and forging business ties within emerging markets for the development of core infrastructure and the promotion of trade and investment within countries that are vast in economic potential.  The summits offer personal interaction between the international private sector, governmental, non-governmental and administrative organisations. Utilizing a unique format that combines informed content with the opportunity for private consultation with senior decision makers, the company has forged close ties with international governments, leading public bodies, multilateral institutions, non-governmental organisations and the global business community to provide a wide range of business opportunities for those companies keen to do business at the highest level within some of the world’s most lucrative markets. The Humanitarian Development Agency, hosts and organises a number of existing programs in Africa and the Middle East that incorporates organisations such as NEPAD, African Union, African Development Bank, United Nations, The Red Cross, leading global NGOs and Governments across Africa and the Middle East. All “programs” are built on the simple principle of attracting the global business and financial community to invest and partner with the concerned authority. The success of these programs is based on experience and performance:

  • Personal contact with business leaders, investors and the chief executives of the world’s leading multinationals
  • High-level political relations with ministers and officials across the Middle East and Africa
  • Considerable experience in organising regular investment, meetings based summits around the world

Examples of on-going programs in the region include Humanitarian Development Africa, which is based on the principle of attracting greater private sector investment and partnership with the aid and development community in Africa. This results in the Humanitarian Development Summit that takes place in Nairobi every May and includes the participation of every key donor agency, UN body and NGO as well as African Government Ministers. Future events include:

  • Humanitarian Development Summit 2014
  • Libyan Reconstruction Summit 2014
  • Advanced Defence and Security 2014