Latest News: ”I believe the summit will provide…an ideal platform to discuss how multi-sectors can work together in partnership to solve the Humanitarian and Logistical problems in Africa….The Department wishes to appreciate your organisations gesture and look forward to an engaging summit that will enable us to build strong partnerships…” Mr Owiti Director for Communications in the Ministry of Information & Communication

About US

Working at grass roots level within the most impoverished societies, the Humanitarian Development Agency helps local people in their fight against poverty, as well as tackling the very conditions that keep these people poor. We are a non-religious and non-political organisation bringing together the private and public sectors with a view to greater private sector investment within the aid and development community.

Humanitarian Development Africa 2011 (HDA 2011)

HDA 2011 will be the leading summit for the Humanitarian marketplace in 2011, bringing together government officials, leaders and key decision makers in the development community, with International Business operators.

The summit will offer the ideal platform for leading NGO’s, International and Multilateral Organisations, global UN agencies & local Governments to meet with the commercial sector to build partnerships, provide greater private sector investment and to discuss how they can work closely together in projects and programmes across key sectors.

HDA 2011 will enhance strategic partnerships between the public and private sectors, focusing on humanitarian and development assistance projects, and attracting private sector investment.

The summit is designed specifically for senior decision makers, with attendance being by invitation only, based up a high level of selectivity.

Over the 2 days, our highly distinguished, handpicked speakers will discuss the key issues through their presentations, offering key insights on the topics that matter.

Our unique roundtables are geared as a platform for bringing together a select group of experts to explore the character and dynamics of key sector areas. Through the interchange of view, the roundtables will help to promote a better understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities confronting Humanitarian Development in Africa today.

Our pre-scheduled meetings allow you to conduct one-to-one personalised business meetings with key decision makers and individuals most relevant to your business needs. These meeting will have been arranged before the summit takes place, saving time and allowing you to pre-prepare.

The summit offers all attendees a unique opportunity to network with their peers and to discuss key business strategy as well as to build up a whole new database of business contacts.

HDA 2011 will provide a forum where foreign investors and partnering contractors can meet face to face and work closely with government officials, procurement officers and high ranking decision makers pertinent to their industry.